“H. Cegielski – Fabryka Pojazdów Szynowych” signed a contract to upgrade 10 passenger coaches to restaurant coach class.

This is a special project, as it requires the modernisation and conversion of passenger coaches into the restaurant coaches. The contract covers periodic repair at the 5th maintenance level with the modernization of ten 145Ab passenger coaches. The subsequent periodic technical inspections will be carried out at the third maintenance level.  The passenger coaches will be adapted for operation at a speed up to 160 km/h.

The upgraded passenger coaches will be furnished with 12 tables and 36 seats. They will be air-conditioned and provided with free wireless internet.
The coaches will be equipped also with mobile phone digital repeaters. Shelves and hangers will ensure convenient places for luggage and clothes. In addition, the upgraded passenger coaches will be marked with the Braille alphabet to facilitate the travel of the blind.