The company has modernized 20 EMUs of the EN57 type (trade name: PHOENIX) based on our own design documentation.

The modernised vehicles have the following parameters:

  • operating speed up to 120 km/h,
  • improved running parameters achieved by the use of:
    • new asynchronous motors,
    • new two-stage gearboxes,
    • improved primary suspension and driving abilities of wheelsets, as well as optimal braking performance, obtained by a modern braking system with a new distributor valve.

In addition, EN57 units modernised by FPS have changed front sections, a new interior, re-designed driver’s cab, air conditioning system (for passenger space and driver’s cabin), a closed-circuit toilet and an additional toilet adapted for people with disabilities, outside-sliding doors, passenger information system and other features making them compliant with the current standards expected by carriers and passengers.