305 Ad2 Sleeping coach

Sleeping coach (manufacturer’s designation: 305 Ad2) designed for dual-gauge operation on 1435 mm/1520 mm tracks – connecting two different systems – at a maximum speed of 200 km/h /160 km/h, on different bogies for each track gauge.

All equipment, components and structural elements are compliant with both UIC (1435 mm) and OSJD (1520mm) standards. The rail car is characterised by modern design, top quality furnishings, and high reliability.

The 305 Ad2 sleeping car is a modified version of the 305 Ad car (commonly dubbed “Kiepura”). Unlike its predecessor, the 305 Ad2 model does not feature a business-class compartment with a bathroom.

Every sleeping compartment is suitable for both day and night travel, also offering coupling possibilities.


maximum speed (km/h)


seating capacity


track gauge (mm)